Nanny Placement Fee

Nanny placement fees are one-time fees paid directly to Supreme Care Sitters, LLC not to your selected nanny candidate. The placement fees are non-refundable and will be applied toward the total amount of your placement once you select a nanny. We offer a 45 day guarantee on all nanny placements and will offer a replacement nanny due to any reason during that 45 day period. Nanny placement families also receive a complimentary year membership  (a $40.00  value) to also utilize our professional babysitter referral service in the event that your nanny has any unplanned sick days. * Please note professional babysitter hourly rate will apply. All scheduling fees will be waived. 

Nanny Placement Application Fee

Our fee is 3x the Nanny's weekly salary split into two payments:

1. Earnest fee due to get started is: 1x the Nanny's weekly salary

2. Placement fee due to the date of hire: 2x the Nanny's weekly salary

3. Nanny Placement Application Fee: $100.00

4. Summer Nanny Placement Fee: $500.00 (maximum of 3 month contract).

*We expect your nanny to be a long-term arrangement with you in your household.  We charge a placement fee as not to continually charge you hourly for your nanny. We understand that the nanny will be your household employee and we will not act as a middle man during this process. This will ultimately help you save on your investment. 


Nanny Pay

 Nanny's typically charge between $12.00-$20.00 per hour. This rate is ultimately negotiated and determined by the nanny candidate and the family. 


To start your personalize career nanny search today give us a call at 765-267-3504 and we will be happy to help you!