Step 1:

-It's a simple process! Families interested in Supreme Care Sitters, LLC babysitting referral service must complete a family information form, health form, and a terms of service agreement form. Please email all form directly back to These forms will provide us with the important details needed to submit to the babysitter when the time arises that you need to obtain a referral. You will also need these forms completed when we chat about your babysitting needs.

-Completing these forms does not mean you will automatically have to pay the $40.00 annual membership fee.  *Annual membership fee will only be invoiced if a family uses Supreme Care Sitters referral services two or more times.

-We Chat! The options of a telephone, virtual (via web), or face-to-face interview will be conducted before the babysitter referral process begins, that way we have the opportunity to answer all your questions or concerns.

Step 2:

Once the family Application form, health form, and terms of service agreement form are submitted, requesting a sitter referral could not be easier!

When you are ready to obtain a sitter referral simply follow these simple steps below...

1. You can schedule a sitter by clicking the "book a sitter" tab or contact Supreme Care Sitters directly via email, phone call, or text. Please include in the inquiry the date, start and end-time, number of children, and address. 

2. Wait for a response from Supreme Care Sitters (usually 24 hours or less)

3. Pay the $10.00 non-refundable scheduling fee (due once the sitter is confirmed and scheduled)

* Remember: Sitters are booked on a basis of availability, and are not guaranteed. Supreme Care Sitters recommends scheduling your sitter at least 5  days in advance. Don't worry if it is last minute, we will do our best to find you a sitter referral that matches all  your family needs!

Step 3: 

Sit back and relax as we get your babysitter referral booked! When the sitter is at your home please pay them directly at the completion of services. Sitters can be paid with check, cash, paypal, venmo, stripe etc. If the sitter is unable to deposit funds within 24 hours for any reason, Supreme Care Sitters charges the client wages earned and passes payment along to the sitter. A $25.00 service fee applies in these cases.